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A responsible bank,
committed to you

With a presence in 75 countries and nearly 185,000 employees, BNP Paribas is a leading bank in the euro zone and a first-class player on a global scale.

Robust Results

BNP Paribas proved robust across all its business activities in 2012 in spite of the difficult economic environment and new international regulations.

  • €38.8 billion in revenues

  • €12.6 billion in gross operating income

  • €4.8 billion in net income, Group share

  • €6.0 billion in net income, Group share,
    excluding exceptional items

Long-term credit ratings
Standard & Poor’s

negative outlook rating
revised on 20 June 2013


stable outlook rating
revised on 4 April 2014


stable outlook rating
confirmed on 17 July 2013

Core businesses

A responsible bank, at the service of its clients


"Parlons Vrai” (Straight Talking) workshops,
the Bank that tells it like it is

Since 2010, BNP Paribas has organised “Straight Talking” theme-based workshops in its branches to answer questions about everyday issues, such as online shopping and savings products. The seven topics proposed, which have no commercial purpose, are drawn up in partnership with the independent association “la Finance pour tous”.

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A unique approach


"A pioneer in this area since 2008, BNP Paribas Wealth Management offers solutions tailored to clients wishing to engage in individual philanthropy, through a team of specialists:"

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« One Bank for Corporates and Beyond »
3,500 new clients in 2 years


The strapline “One Bank for Corporates in Europe and beyond” reflects BNP Paribas’ desire and capacity to support companies and their subsidiaries, wherever they may be in the world, in their efforts to develop their businesses in the European market and worldwide.

An innovative spirit firmly rooted in the business lines

An innovative investment fund

THEAM, a BNP Paribas Investment Partners investment company specialising in index-based, active systematic, guaranteed and alternative investment management, has launched a new fund called THEAM Quant Equity Eurobloc Covered Edhec.


Developing creative ideas with the customers of tomorrow’s bank

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TEB won an award for its Open Innovation competition, aimed at gathering creative ideas from Turkish customers, students and young graduates in order to develop the bank’s innovative projects.

An innovative global
one-stop-shop platform

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GECD strives to anticipate client needs and drives its innovation to best serve them. GECD’s client-driven innovation has produced, for example, Smart Derivatives, an innovative global one-stop-shop platform dedicated to derivatives.

A network in direct contact with social and environmental reality


Financing solar farms in California

BNP Paribas CIB advised Sumitomo in a government subsidised equity participation in the Desert Sunlight project, one of the largest solar farms being built in California.

Financial Education
for everyone

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In Italy, Findomestic continues to promote its training modules available online through PerCorsi, its financial education programme. In 2012, Findomestic organised its first financial literacy day, which attracted more than 300 customers who followed the training sessions in Findomestic branches.

BNP Paribas Cardif:
Improving access to insurance

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BNP Paribas Cardif pursued its wide-ranging programme to improve access to insurance for vulnerable populations, an action it first started in 2008. After asthma sufferers and paraplegics, BNP Paribas Cardif has now made it easier for tetraplegics and people with heart diseases to obtain loan insurance.

Human resources

by geographical area
France : 31 % North America: 8 %
Italy: 10 % Asia-Oceania: 7 %
Belgium: 10 % Africa: 5 %
Luxembourg: 2 % South America: 2 %
Europe (excluding domestic markets) : 24 % Middle East : 1 %
by business line
71 %
Retail Banking
11 %
Corporate & Investment Banking
14 %
Investment Solutions
4 %
Group functions & Other activities

Corporate Philanthropy

Corporate philanthropy brings together institutions and individuals around shared values and projects. It contributes to a harmonious development of the cultural, economic and social environment in which the Group operates.

  • 2,167 projects funded
  • 5 fields of action
  • €38.8 million commitment


Strong roots in the economic history of Europe

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