About us
The bank for a changing world

With strong roots anchored in Europe’s economic history, BNP Paribas supports its customers and employees in today’s changing world and has positioned itself as a leading bank in the eurozone and a prominent international banking institution.

BNP Paribas Group

Our business development plan

5 major strategic priorities
5 major strategic priorities

  • 1. Enhance client focus
    and services

  • 2. Simplify our organisation
    and the way
    we function

  • 3. Continue improving operating

  • 4. Adapt certain businesses to
    their economic and
    regulatory environment

  • 5. Successfully implement business
    development initiatives

The key figures

for 2015
  • €42.9
    in revenues
  • 189 000
  • 75 countries
  • €6.7
    in net income attribuable to equity holders

Our business lines are there to support your projects


Innovating to pave the way for tomorrow's world

Being the bank for a changing world means being able to innovate on behalf of our customers and our employees and supporting them through the changes that affect them.

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Human Resources supports all of the Group’s developments

A question to Yves Martrenchar
Director of Group Human Resources

“How does the Group guaranteeing unity in its teams around the world?”

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83% of our employees are proud to work for BNP Paribas, according to an annual survey of internal satisfaction (Global People Survey 2015).

by geographical area

France : 31 % North America : 8 %
Italy : 10 % Asia-Oceania : 7 %
Belgium : 10 % Africa : 5 %
Luxembourg : 2 % South America : 2 %
Europe (excluding domestic markets) : 24 % Middle East : 1 %
Répartition des effectifs
par domaine d'activité

71 %
Retail Banking
11 %
Corporate & Investment Banking
14 %
Investment Solutions
4 %
Fonctions Groupe & Autres

We’re much more than just a bank

Corporate Social Responsibility

Being a responsible bank is an honour and a source of pride for our business. It’s at the heart of our company.


More than 40 years of commitment to tennis! A passion that we share with people all around the world.

BNP Paribas Foundation

In 2014, we’re celebrating 30 years of corporate philanthropy and shared values, together with everyone who takes an active part in supporting culture, our communities and the environment.


“Because films affect all of us, we support a range of initiatives that are at the heart of the 7th art...

More than a 100 years of history

Since 1848, BNP Paribas has grown through a string of events, both great and small, that have forged the identity of a Group that is both stable and innovative.

Interview with Jean-Laurent Bonnafé

Question to Jean-Laurent Bonnafé
Chief Executive Officer

“What new challenges lie ahead with the new strategic plan for 2014-2016?”

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