For BNP Paribas, professional ethics concerns the standards and restrictions with which the Group's employees must comply as part of their professional behaviour.

Responsibility Charter:
"BNP Paribas, Our Mission, Our Responsibility"

The Charter “BNP Paribas: Our Mission, Our Responsibility”, published on March 30 2012, is structured around four strong commitments:

  • Remaining true to our primary mission: long-term service to our clients
  • Being prepared to take risks, while ensuring close risk control  
  • Following a strict business ethic
  • Being a responsible bank

charte bnp paribas
Download the charter "BNP Paribas:
Our Mission, Our Responsibility"

Code of Conduct

The Group defines the set of rules of good conduct that require employees to act honestly, fairly and professionally, to serve the best interests of the customers and to respect the integrity of the markets.
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Ethics and Conduct of Persons within the Group

The provisions that have been put in place are particularly aimed at managing conflicts of interest, preventing market abuse and monitoring the compliance of employee behaviour in terms of competition law and the fight against corruption.


For several years, the Group has had an ethics alert system in place enabling employees to report any transaction or situation that appears to be non-compliant with the Code of Conduct and existing procedures.

Control of Professional Knowledge

The Group has implemented a control system to ensure that its services are  provided to customers by people with the necessary professional knowledge.