The Management Principles reflect a vision, a mindset, an inspiration and a way of being. It is therefore important that the BNP Paribas that all senior managers endeavour and promote them.


Frédéric Lavenir, Head of Group Human Resources, presents the Management Principles of BNP Paribas, announced in May 2011


Client Focus

To inspire our people to focus in an innovative way on the cli­ent first, as the interest of the client is always at the centre of our action.

Risk-Aware Entrepreneurship

To undertake initiatives for development and efficiency while:

  • Being accountable,
  • Acting in an interdependent and cooperative way with the other entities to serve the global interest of the Group and its clients,
  • Being continuously vigilant of the risks related to our area of responsibility, and to empower our people to do the same.

People Care

To care for our people, by showing them respect, promot­ing equal opportunities, acknowledging performance and developing their talents and skills.

Lead by Example

To set an example through our own behaviour and ethics by:

  • Respecting the regulations and the compliance rules, and behaving in a socially responsible way
  • Applying ourselves these management principles, as we expect our teams to do so.