In order to earn the confidence of our clients on a daily basis, BNP Paribas has adopted a Quality Policy which reflects its Management Principles.

Priority actions are:

  •  Making customer satisfaction the central pillar of its strategy and ethics

- Ensure that every contact with BNP Paribas results in our clients having a
   greater appreciation of the bank and a better image of our profession;
- Measure the level of customer satisfaction and set targets for
- Listen to any expression of customer dissatisfaction and endeavour to
   respond quickly in the most appropriate way;
- Protect the interests of clients by behaving in an exemplary manner at all
   times and by offering products and services which meet their needs.

  • Undertaking initiatives for development and operational efficiency, while   being accountable

- Control and optimise processes in order to secure customer operations;
- Improve the efficiency and speed of our services in the eyes of clients

  • Caring for employees by developing their skills and promoting talent diversity

- Listen to staff and aim for employee satisfaction, which is a key factor for
   customer satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction is at the heart of the brand image of BNP Paribas, as is our capacity for innovation and commitment, which strengthen the Group’s reputation.

  The BNP Paribas Group's Quality Policy