Spirit of Innovation



In a highly competitive environment that is undergoing perpetual change, Innovation is an unrivalled means of differentiating ourselves from the competition and is therefore an integral part of overall BNP Paribas strategy.

If we are to provide our clients with optimal products and services which closely match their needs, we have to embrace disruptive change.  

To help attain this goal, BNP Paribas seeks to motivate and encourage all staff through the Spirit of Innovation programme.




Responsible Innovation: an approach that engenders trust

 At BNP Paribas, innovation means Responsible Innovation, which brings something new and useful to the client. As a strategic lever for our Brand and for the business, Innovation must serve as a real value-creator

So we need to innovate. But not just any kind of innovation. In seeking to create products and services which also take account of our customers’ concern for Corporate & Social Responsibility, BNP Paribas strives for Responsible Innovation. This is an approach to innovation which drives us to carry out research and pursue progress not only for the Bank but for all our stakeholders.


Innovation Awards: an essential tool of Innovation Management

In order to stimulate and reward the creativity and knowhow of Group staff, BNP Paribas set up in 2007 a process designed to highlight and promote innovation: the Group Innovation Awards.

This competition, for which any Group employee anywhere in the world can enter, each year highlights those projects which best embody the BNP Paribas of tomorrow, and ensures recognition for the talent and ingenuity of the people who originate and carry them through.