Innovation Awards 2013 EditionThrough this annual Group-wide competition, BNP Paribas seeks to make Innovation Management an effective tool for motivating staff to support and help drive Group strategy.

The contest has always aroused enormous enthusiasm across all the Group’s businesses and departments, which also run their own Innovation Awards among their teams.

Each year projects of all kinds compete for an Innovation Award, paying testimony to the rich diversity of the projects being brought to fruition every year across the BNP Paribas Group.







2013 – Disruptive Innovation as a value-creator

The 2013 round of Group Innovation Awards – key figures:

  • 42 entries were forwarded to compete for an Award at Group level
  • 6 of those innovative projects were multi-country initiatives
  • 20 entries were subsequently shortlisted by the Selection Committee
  • 10 winning entries from all over the world were chosen to receive Group Awards

2012 – Stronger focus on Corporate Social Responsibility

In 2012, the BNP Paribas Group Innovation Awards comprised:

  • 620 projects accepted for entry to the Group Awards process
  • 119 entries forwarded to the Awards committee from 17 countries
  • 19 winners chosen from 8 countries

Questions on the Innovation Awards to Antoine Sire, Head of  Brand, Communications & Quality at BNP Paribas


The 2012 BNP Paribas Group Innovation Awards winners

2011 – Measuring Innovation in Terms of Customer Benefit

In 2011, more stringent selection criteria were introduced for the Innovation Awards, which systematically included a Corporate Social Responsibility aspect. The success of an innovation project is measured by concrete evidence of sustainable customer services and solutions. 


Among the Award Winning Projects:

Document Scanning & Electronic Document Management”
Retail Banking - Bank of the West

In order to optimise existing processes and to reduce costs, Bank of the West (BoW) has introduced 2 related projects in its branch network: document scanning and the elimination of postal mail. BoW is the first major American bank to completely eliminate postal mail within its branch network via a document scanning process.

By adopting an entirely electronic system, BoW not only consumes far less paper, it has also reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by using fewer vehicles for the transportation of documents between the branches and the processing centres.


Investment Aid to Actively Fight against Exclusion
Investment Solutions – BNP Paribas Wealth Management

In 2010, BNP Paribas Wealth Management rolled out an investment product whose aim is to fight against exclusion: Phitrust Partenaires, an investment company that supports social entrepreneurship.
This product is unique on the market and allows customers to invest their assets in projects that make a strong social impact. This includes, for example, financing projects for the integration of disabled persons, social housing, access to drinking water for the destitute, fair trade etc.

With 832 candidates, 442 applications submitted and 110 applicants selected in 20 countries, the 2011 Innovation Awards demonstrate the success and engagement of all employees in this major annual competition.

The Innovation Awards Winners in 2011

2010 – Responsible Innovation

Each year, BNP Paribas recognises and rewards innovative projects that bring real progress to its ecosystem. In the 2010 Innovation Awards, BNP Paribas placed great emphasis on responsible innovation, creating two new categories:  Social commitment and Environment.

Antoine Sire, Director of Group Communications, and Laurent Pessez, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, talk about responsible innovation ( mp3)

Read the transcript of the interview

Social commitment”: this category rewards innovative projects that have an impact on society in terms of reducing poverty, fighting against economic exclusion or fighting against discrimination.

The 2010 Winner: “Mon crédit responsable” (My responsible credit)
Retail Banking - BNP Paribas Personal Finance

The financial crisis sparked a common desire among politicians, opinion leaders and the general public to create a new credit market: one that is more ethical, more responsible and more accessible. Cetelem paved the way with an entirely new approach and launched the first free credit information service that is 100% non-commercial and open to all consumers:
This multi-channel service includes a dedicated team to answer all questions posed by consumers.


Listen to the interview with Mylène Deray, Head of Brand and Advertising France, and Patrick Widmaier, Business Director for Consumer Credit, BNP Paribas Personal Finance France  (mp3)

Read the transcript of the interview


Environment”: a category for innovations that take into account the fight against climate change.

The 2010 Winner: “Windmills in Ethiopia”
Corporate and Investment Banking

Ethiopia is a little-known country that is regarded as risky, but as having enormous potential in the energy sector.
This project is an example of cooperation between a multilateral institution and a commercial bank. The two parties collaborated to structure a deal whilst also lending their expertise to EEPCo in terms of advice and training.
In addition, all parties made every effort to respect the environmental recommendations of the World Bank, Ethiopian culture and human rights.

Read the press release of 22 September 2010 announcing the 2010 award winners

2009 – An International Group

For the 3rd annual Innovation Awards, 160 projects were submitted for consideration and award ceremonies took place in 9 countries.

Among the winning projects in 2009, one particular innovation stands out: “Orange money”. This initiative was launched by BICICI, a subsidiary of BNP Paribas operating in the Ivory Coast, in partnership with Orange. It consists of using prepaid mobile accounts to carry out routine banking transactions.

Listen to the interview with Yao Kouassi, Head of the territorial function for BICI Ivory Coast (MP3)

Read the transcript of the interview