Tennis is a sport that shares our values. It’s both masculine and feminine, it’s accessible to everyone, and it requires fair play, responsiveness and high performance.

The history between BNP Paribas and tennis began in 1973, when the French Tennis Federation asked BNP Paribas to finance the construction of the centre court box seats at Roland Garros. Ever since that time, we’ve been growing together, sharing a common heritage and the mutual benefits of our partnership.

BNP Paribas has become the leading partner to tennis on every level: supporting local, family and university events, international tournaments, amateur and professional players, and events for both able-bodied and disabled athletes.

The competitions that BNP Paribas supports give us an opportunity to meet our customers and prospects from all around the world. Through the Group’s various activities, we encounter new cultures, and our support for tennis continues to grow as we expand into new sectors. As a company that is committed to social engagement and philanthropy, we are helping to create extraordinary human experiences.

Today, BNP Paribas is the number one sponsor of tennis worldwide.


We Are Tennis

BNP Paribas still has the same thirst to surprise fans, by giving them exclusive access to the latest tennis news and all of the excitement that surrounds it. In this spirit, in 2011 BNP Paribas created, a website entirely dedicated to tennis news, with a constant flow of information about all of the players and all of the tournaments, all around the world.