Keep learningAt BNP Paribas, you’ll never stand still. You’ll benefit from training in your day-to-day job but also have the opportunity to acquire continuously new skills, anytime, anywhere. That’s because we see training as key for developing the skills you need today and preparing you for the opportunities of tomorrow.
In 2013, nearly 150,000 employees benefited from at least one training program. That adds up to 4.7 million hours of training and an average of 25 hours of training per individual. The Group develops and deploys diverse training formats including a mix of real and virtual learning situations and on-the-job training experiences. For instance, juniors train seniors on the use of digital tools at BNP Paribas Cardif (reverse mentoring).

We’ve increased our e-learning program to feature over 4,000 modules available in seven languages. More than 84,000 employees regularly use this kind of training and nearly half a million e-learning modules were completed in 2013. The Group just opened a new training and talent development campus in Singapore as a resource for the professional growth of our teams across the Asia Pacific region. We look to provide training and development opportunities to over 3,000 people in this region through a range of courses drawn from our existing global offering combined with tailor-made learning paths specifically developed to meet the unique demands of Asia Pacific.

The Group also has two Academies to strengthen corporate culture and managerial performance. Our Risk Academy provides training and professional development in the Group's risk management culture and is supported by 110 correspondents worldwide who encourage the sharing of knowledge and communities of practices. Our Management Academy support the development of senior managers through an online portal with a range of videos, interviews, management kits and e-learning modules as well as a program of seminars and conferences.