French Retail Banking (BDDF) supports its customers by providing them with the products and services they need to achieve their financial goals.

A Positioning with High Added Value

French Retail Banking (BDDF) offers a wide range of products and services to its 6.9 million individual and private banking customers, 782,400 professional customers and 105,900 corporate and institutional customers*. Its products and services range from current account management to developing the most complex financial solutions for corporate financing and asset management.

BDDF is characterised by a strong presence in the “upper affluent” segments among individual customers, and by a leading position in the business banking market.

Structured to Best Meet its Customers’ Needs

BDDF is organised into eight network departments throughout France and, in order to improve its proximity to its customers, its network now extends to 2,140 branches*, integrated within a multi-channel structure. To complement this, BDDF has built the largest network of private banking centres in France, with a total of 223 offices.

Its 31,460 employees* are primarily based in the branch network under the BNP Paribas brand, but also in BNP Paribas Banque de Bretagne (a subsidiary that has recently joined the company group), factoring company BNP Paribas Factor, BNP Paribas Développement, a provider of growth capital , and Protection 24.

In order to fulfil its customers’ expectations in the best possible way, BDDF has segmented its sales network by customer type. It consists of branches dedicated to individuals, small businesses and entrepreneurs, private banking centres, as well as a number of business centres dedicated to corporate customers. This structure is supported by a customer relations centre (CRC) and specialist centres for the processing of transactions.

Innovation at the Heart of BDDF’s Development

A comprehensive range of online banking services:

  • A client website
  • Areas dedicated to loans and savings: “Net crédit" and “Net épargne”
  • A contact centre: "Net Crédit Immo", which processes mortgage applications in less than 48 hours 
  • A mobile internet account management service with SMS alerts 
  • An online branch:  L'Agence en ligne
  • Twitter accounts: bnpparibas net / bnpparibas sav

* Date as at 2013