In a changing world, companies with a vision for the future are leading the way. Companies that face global economy challenges consider individual/business expectations, propose digitally transforming banking services and stay close to customers. Companies with continuous learning programs, diverse career opportunities and a corporate culture committed to its corporate and social responsibilities. Companies such as BNP Paribas!

Shape the banking experience of tomorrow, in a dynamic and supportive workplace today.


Portfolio Career

Your perfect career is waiting for you to shape it

People want more than a job when they join a company. They are looking for progression. With a presence in 75 countries and a universal bank business model that has a diverse range of services and banking roles, BNP Paribas is a Group that offers career management based on individual discussions and business needs. What’s more, BNP Paribas offers “Mobility days" boosting opportunities to move internally between geographic regions or functions. As a result, half our employees have been in their current position for fewer than 3 years.


Never stop learning and you’ll never stop growing

We’re continuously learning at BNP Paribas. We go beyond the training of day-to-day responsibilities, by helping employees acquire new skills and competencies in a diverse mix of learning situations. In 2014, 150,000 employees benefited from at least one training programme. Additionally, because e-learning is expanding, over 4,000 modules are available in seven languages and we are enhancing employee support with dedicated talent development and training centres.

Learning Company


Responsibility and Ethics

Building a better world by building a better company

Banks have an important role in society. They help finance and grow the economy in an ethical way, through careful attention to our economic, social and environmental responsibilities. In 2014, employees dedicated 47,000 hours volunteering. Also, a target €200 million was set aside for investment in microfinance and entrepreneurship. And because we believe in diversity, BNP Paribas strives for 25% of senior management positions to be held by women and provide more opportunities for people with disabilities (14 countries signed collective best-offer agreements for disabled employees).


Live well and work well

The workplace is not what it used to be. We know how important a supportive environment is. For this reason “People care”, improving employees’ day-to-day working environment, is one of our 4 management principles. With the help of “People Care” a charter of 15 commitments for work-life balance was created, telecommuting and shared workplace programmes were implemented and a parenthood event to support working parents was a great success.

Good place to work


Work for a global leader

Being a leader isn’t a goal it’s a beginning

We focus on creating the best possible fit between our vision as an international Group and your potential and career goals. Our development is driven by our 185,000 employees worldwide. Joining BNP Paribas is being part of a diversified universal bank with international presence in more than 75 countries. It is the sixth biggest global group for private banking and world leader in creditor insurance. Our Global People Survey (an annual survey of internal satisfaction) indicates that 89% of employees are willing to work beyond what they are asked to ensure the success of the company.


A satisfied client is the only kind of client there is

We’re committed to ensuring that client interest and satisfaction are at the centre of our activities. Whether it’s managing savings for individuals to more diverse financial services for companies or institutional clients, we take the time to help every one fulfil their life plans or business projects and guide them through changes affecting them. Our client service has been recognised and rewarded in several sectors and countries, and we are proud to say that even our top managers still manage client portfolios.

Expertise for client satisfaction


Agility & Openness

Make change work for you

We have entered the era of innovation and speed. At BNP Paribas you’ll be at the heart of a simplified yet agile and open organisation. It is changing the way it connects with customers and communities by accelerating decisions and improving teamwork through digital tools. We have hundreds of new initiatives to be launched in the coming years, from new internet payments and flexible mobile banking to changes in branch networks. Additionally, Ace Manager, our highly successful online business game, helps students experience the challenges of the banking businesses of BNP Paribas first hand.


To be at the top you need to aim high

What if you got from your job exactly what you put into it? We have one simple rule: reward employees fairly and share the results of our Group performance. At BNP Paribas teamwork is essential but we also recognise and reward individual performance. We offer a talent development programme to monitor the careers of high-potential colleagues and help you create a career path driven by your performance and objectives. Our ambition is to develop the next generation of leaders for the Group.

Demanding on Performance and Achievement