BNP Paribas is “The bank for a changing world”. This is why, through every one of its actions and across all of its business lines, it celebrates, values, encourages and supports its customers as agents of change.
In a difficult economic environment and one in which confidence in banks has been shaken, BNP Paribas places its customers more than ever at the heart of its concerns and makes every effort to support them in all of their projects. These intentions are reflected in straight talk, focus on customers’ real circumstances and the daily work of our teams. In this way, BNP Paribas is re-engaging its customers in conversation by adopting an approach based on authenticity, simplicity, honesty and proximity.


The Retail Bank Talks Straight

At the end of 2010, BNP Paribas Retail Banking in France launched a new slogan, “Parlons vrai” (Straight Talking), supported by a campaign featuring the experiences of real customers and their real advisors. These ads present the stories of Jean-Marie, Bérengère, Aurélie, Mamoudou and others.

  • In Belgium, BNP Paribas Fortis has adapted this strategy by launching the “Parlons de la vraie vie” (Let’s talk about real life) campaign.
  • In Luxembourg, BGL BNP Paribas has adopted the slogan "Parlons de vous" (Let’s talk about you).
  • In Italy, BNL BNP Paribas Group highlights the importance of valuing customers as real people with real projects with the slogan “Veri, come Tuoi progetti” (True like your projects)
  • In Morocco, BMCI BNP Paribas Group adopted the slogan "La Parole est à Vous" (The floor is yours)

In 2011, BNP Paribas Retail Banking in France took the “Straight Talking” approach a step further by addressing all of the questions that its French customers ask, even those that usually annoy or embarrass banks. What are the bank charges for? Where do the profits go? Will my bank advisor still be here in two years’ time? The questions are many and varied. They all reflect the very high level of expectations that our customers have towards the bank. Faced with these direct questions, BNP Paribas provides frank answers through its advisors, the website  workshops at its branches, the twitter feed  BNPParibas_Net, and more. In short, BNP Paribas talks straight with its customers.

The Private Bank with a Commitment to the Future

For the launch of a new campaign in 2011, 25 private bankers and experts from BNP Paribas Wealth Management have become the ambassadors of the new campaign “Committed to Your Future”.  This strong commitment by BNP Paribas places the authenticity of a relationship built on trust and based on evidence at the heart of all of its communications.
The objective of this campaign is to illustrate the expertise and proximity of the BNP Paribas Wealth Management teams who are committed to building long-term relationships with their customers.



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