Driven by a strong tradition of service provided to individual people and businesses alike and strongly attentive to the wider world, BNP Paribas has always regarded ethics as central to its mission. The relationship of trust with its clients that the bank has built up over time today constitutes its number one asset.

Formally launched in 2001 and reinforced in 2010, the Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy is rooted in four main areas, in which our actions as a Responsible Bank take concrete form :

  • Economic responsibility: financing the economy in an ethical manner
  • Social responsibility: pursuing a committed and fair human resources policy
  • Civic responsibility: combating exclusion, promoting education and culture
  • Environmental responsibility: combating climate change

4 main areas of the Group's CSR policy
The 4 pillars of our CSR Policy

BNP Paribas has always remained true to its mission and has never deviated from its attitude of responsibility. In order to underline this attitude and to reiterate the bank’s position in this respect, BNP Paribas’ senior management decided in early 2012 to draw up a Charter entitled ‘Our mission, our responsibility’. This BNP Paribas Charter is based on our core values, our management principles and our code of conduct.

BNP Paribas people strive each day to ensure successful outcomes for all those who place their trust in the bank and for the good of society. We are determined to be a responsible bank. That’s the BNP Paribas vision.

Presentation of the Charter BNP Paribas

economic responsibility social responsibility civic responsibility environmental responsibility